Life means Learning. The more relaxed we are the Major focus, the more successful we are in what we do!

Job, university, career: we study and work more and more networked and more flexible. Laptop, notebook, iPad or smartphone - they are our constant companions. This presents an important task for our home. Workplace on the one hand, a place to switch off and relax on the other. As a team at Campus68, we want to create the perfect framework for you.

Studying in Mannheim has never been easier

That is why we provide the best possible infrastructure to ensure you have both. So that you have the choice to freely decide what you are in the mood for!

Throughout the campus as well as in Your apartment, You have access to a powerful 200 Mbit/s line. In our modern Media Center, comfortable jobs with a total of 20 iMacs are also available, if You should be more like community. Grab something Tasty from the opposite side of the cafeteria and get to work!

So, You study on the Campus68:

The first steps – We support You

Mannheim and the Region are home to many powerful economic Player. Powerful as a University city, through the universities and colleges, and professional sports. Open to the world and international society. Nevertheless, the first steps can sometimes be more difficult than expected. We will support You in dealing with authorities and in formal processes. Because this is part of our philosophy of a Campus68 Community.

Campus68 Study Schreibtisch
Campus68 Study Schreibtisch

In addition, we can organize for you:

Campus68 Study Schreibtisch
Campus68 Study Campus

Discover Your new Playground!

Your day has 24 hours. A lot of time to discover something New and try it out. Bring Your system into high gear, or the soul, let's just relax! The main thing is for You to feel at home with us.


Unfortunately, the prices for energy will also rise significantly in 2022. We endeavor at Campus68 to react moderately to this. For this reason, from March 1st, 2022 we will increase the prices for new contracts by 10%. But if you still book now, you will benefit!

The reasons for this are, on the one hand, the increased special levy on the CO₂ price, but above all the ongoing energy crisis is having a negative impact on ancillary costs such as electricity, gas and the like.
So you better be quick now! Because if you sign your contract before the deadline, you will continue to live with us on Campus68 under the previous conditions.