What you like, what you appreciate, what is true and to accept. What is working and to prepare as. For what you burn and what you enjoy. Our Life is shaped by our perception of our environment and of our own sense-perception. Also the question of how you want to live, is thus a question of Lifestyle. The Campus68 is here for one thing above all: diversity.

Your campus life in Mannheim

Our services, Sport and leisure activities and decisions for a Campus to the other kind of reflect our approach, the life worth living, and love to make worthy of it. For this reason, we want to give You the Campus68 as many freedoms and additions. Under Campus68 Opening hours to do this, find all the necessary information. Your time with us to make You fun and joy!

Lifestyle is a matter of good style.

We say it with good food!

To the Service package of the Campus68 our in-house canteen, with 40 seats. Culinary delights You can have throughout the day of the Gastro-specialist dean&david. Enjoy our cuisine together with friends locally or you can order via the App and get Your food. Pack You healthy quality on Your plate.

Would you prefer to cook for yourself? Even then, You're in the right place. Cook and about cooking in Your own four walls. In addition, three of the Community to get in the building, kitchen with multiple ovens of the brand Miele, as well as microwave devices.

How would it be with Outdoor and Grill? The Campus68 You have a BBQ area in the range of the swimming pools of Europe.

Three Outdoor kitchen made of high quality stainless steel Grill, refrigerator and sink also available.

We say it with music!

In Mannheim, the music is written large. The appointment to the UNESCO City of Music, is no accident. Therefore, we have set up with our Music studio, a professional sound recording Studio, including the rehearsal room, and a full range of Equipment for You. Traditions lived and heard. Test, practice games!

We say it with good Service!

Our 24/7 launderette, the gamble house Games corner to the Playstation or our charging stations for E-Mobility and up to 4 vehicles: in the Campus68 all about green energy. We want to help You make Your time in Mannheim as pleasant as possible. And we have even more ideas!

Campus68 Lifestyle Fun
Campus68 Lifestyle Meet
Freedom – this is also a Lifestyle!
Campus68 Lifestyle Pool
Campus68 Lifestyle Pool
What's life all about? Especially a good feeling!

Discover Your new Playground!

Your day has 24 hours. A lot of time to discover something New and try it out. Bring Your system into high gear, or the soul, let's just relax! The main thing is for You to feel at home with us.